Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention, Screening & Treatment

Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention, Screening & Treatment


Getting yourself tested for sexually transmitted infections is the first step in taking responsibility for your sexual health and the health of your partners. Get a free test for HIV or other sexually transmitted infection at one of our clinics.

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  • Confidential HIV testing
  • Family planning and birth control
  • STD testing
  • Pregnancy tests
  • STD treatment
  • Pap smears for cervical cancer


No appointment necessary, but patients are encouraged to arrive at the clinic at 8:30 a.m.


All services are free.

Program Description

How does the STD program prevent sexually transmitted diseases in Baltimore?

The STD program strives to be as exhaustive, flexible, and comprehensive as possible in its efforts to intervene in the spread of sexually transmitted infection.

The program operates two categorical STD Clinics. These clinics provide testing, diagnosis and treatment for most commonly occurring STDs. The Clinics also provide family planning services, Ryan White primary care services for HIV positive clients, and hepatitis B immunization through the Vaccine for Children’s program. The programs provide services for more than 30,000 patient visits per year.

All morbidity for reportable STDs for Baltimore residents is reported to the Baltimore City STD HIV prevention program. Based on these reports, the program determines whether further follow-up is required. Currently, the program provides follow-up to ensure treatment for persons with syphilis, and women with gonorrhea who are reported from the private medical sector. All persons with syphilis are interviewed to attempt to ensure that all of their potentially exposed sex partners are treated. Partner counseling and referral services are also provided for persons with HIV.

In addition, the program operates an outreach testing program that provides testing for syphilis and HIV in areas of high morbidity throughout Baltimore City. The outreach staff work out of mobile vans in areas where disease transmission is known to have recently occurred.

The program also provides health education services to schools and community groups upon request. A health educator is available to provide presentations on STDs and HIV. Several STD staff are faculty of the STD/HIV Prevention Training Center, which provides STD education to hundreds of health care providers each year.