Commission on Aging and Retirement Education (CARE)

We’ve Moved!

CARE Services is now operated by the Health Department under the Office of Aging & CARE Services. See contact info at right for details.


  • Office of Aging and CARE Services
  • 1001 E. Fayette St.
  • Baltimore, MD 21202
  • 410-396-4932
  • Senior Information and Assistance Call Center: 410-396-2273


The Baltimore City Commission On Aging and Retirement Education (CARE) is a chartered organization created in 1973, by City Ordinance number 261, to advocate for Older Baltimoreans by developing, coordinating and funding programs, services and activities for seniors and establishing a pre-retirement education program. CARE serves as the local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) which allows the organization to receive funds from the Federal Older American’s Act to coordinate and assure an adequate service delivery system.

The Charter requires that CARE’s structure include twenty-four (24) commissioners, eighteen (18) of whom are appointed by the Mayor and six (6) of whom are ex-officio members, who serve to advise and assist CARE in its overall mission and direction. Commissioners advise and work with the Executive Director to promote agency efficiency and coordinate the delivery of programs and services for the elderly in Baltimore City.


The Baltimore City Commission on Aging and Retirement Education (CARE) envisions Baltimore as the most elderly-friendly city in America, where all of our older adults will have the opportunity to age with choice, independence, and dignity as they move along the aging continuum.


The Baltimore City Commission on Aging and Retirement Education (CARE), in partnership with other senior-serving organizations, is the primary public agency in the city responsible for advocating for and delivering services to older adult population, their family and caregivers in the City of Baltimore.

CARE’s Goals

  • Serve as a local voice and strong advocate for public policy, facilitate change and initiate new policies that promote vital aging in Baltimore.
  • Test creative ideas, implement new strategies and translate research into effective programs and services.
  • Address the needs of family caregivers.
  • Improve the agency’s infrastructure and capacity and strengthen the overall quality of government services while ensuring positive customer service to all customers.
  • Create a “Center for Urban Aging Services and Policy Development.”
  • Expand opportunities for seniors to continue to learn, grow and contribute to the larger community.
  • Assist Baltimoreans in preparing for retirement and aging.
  • Take the lead among public and private agencies in making Baltimore the most “senior-friendly” city in America.