Baltimore City
Health Department

Past Prevention Wednesday Flyers

On occasional Wednesdays throughout the year, the Health Department will highlight a particular activity where action today can prevent illness tomorrow.

The Baltimore City Health Department is partnering with area businesses, community organizations, government agencies and local schools to promote "Prevention Wednesday."

Prevention Wednesday is a program to deliver timely prevention information to a broad public audience by linking a frequently overlooked health topic… with a frequently overlooked day of the week.

A Prevention Partner helps to spread the message around campus through email, media placement or inclusion in other prevention programs. Ongoing prevention programs taking place at school are also highlighted.

Interested in being involved? Have your selected Prevention Partner contact Kay Sibetta at the Health Department at Kay(dot)Sibetta(at)baltimorecity(dot)gov.

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  • Kay Sibetta
  • Program Director
  • Health Disparities
  • Office of Chronic Disease Prevention
  • 1001 East Fayette Street
  • Baltimore, MD 21202
  • Kay[dot]Sibetta[at]baltimorecity[dot]gov
  • 443-984-4098 (phone)
  • 410-396-8457 (fax)